Zed Run

ZED RUN is a digital horse racing game that allows its users to experience the thrill of owning, breeding, and participating in races all over the world, 24/7. Thanks to blockchain technology, ZED RUN players can have the benefits of owning a unique digital racehorse.

Each horse is different, with its own strengths, so players can have animals better suited for being a race champion or the best studs and mares. In order to have success, it's necessary to invest time, attention, and supply for the needs of your stable.

Knowing Your Horses

If you want to purchase your first horse and join the ZED RUN world, you should pay attention to:

1) Bloodline 

2) Genotype

3) Breed Type


In ZED RUN there are flour bloodlines. Each bloodline has a rarity level and impacts your horse's performance. That does not mean though that bloodlines are the only important thing to look out for, they act as the base of your horse, but the rarest breed can lose to the most common one anytime.

  • Nakamoto — Rarest bloodline, Nakamotos are the purest racehorses. Their prices are usually high due to the low availability of this race.

  • Szabo — Coming in second we have Szabos, while their rarity is still pretty high, they can be more easily found and are more affordable.

  • Finney — This bloodline also has a scarce bloodline, but you can locate them without much trouble. Finneys can compete just fine against higher-rated bloodlines.

  • Buterin — his Bloodline is the most common in the ZED RUN universe, but make no mistake, they are quick on their feet, sturdy, and capable of winning their races.


Each thoroughbred possesses a Z number, that ranges from Z1 to Z268. The lower the number, the purer the horse. Original bloodline's horses are always from Z1 to Z10 and are named Genesis, but their offspring can also have Z numbers below 10 if their parents are low enough. Also, a lower Z number does not necessarily mean a better racehorse.

Breed type

Breeds are the terminology used in the ZED ecosystem to refer to the rarity of horses. Those are Genesis, Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross, and Pacer.

Genesis, the rarest and purest of breeds, are acquired via drops, but they are limited to only 38,000 and once all are sold, no more will be minted.


As expected, the gender of your horse plays a role in how you can use it to breed. Studs charge a fee for their part, while female horse owners keep the offspring. At the time of this writing, males could produce up to 3 children per month, while mares can give birth to one horse per month.

Coat Color

There are 7 color groups for the horses' coats. Neptune, Mystical, Earth, Classic, Moon, and Fiery. Those groups can affect the temperament and personality of the animal, but will not play a part in its performance.

Each group is also broken down into three tiers: Super Rare, Rare, and Common.

Additionally, a Super Coat is where the offspring are born with the same coat color as both their mother and father. Super Coats are extremely rare

Breeding Your Horses

Just as in the real world, you can breed two racehorses to produce new offspring. All breeding occurs nowadays at the Stud Farm. The private breeding functionality is expected to drop later on in the game development.

Owners of male horses can set the fees for their breeding, ZED RUN suggests a minimum breeding price. Breeding does not require paying gas fees.

There are three breeding periods consisting of 1, 3, or 7 days. During this time horses in the breeding process can’t go in races.

After the breeding period is completed, mare owners will own the new offspring, and stud owners will receive the fee owed to them.

Note that a young horse is not physically mature enough to breed and must wait 28 days after it was born to be bred, they can, however, enter races immediately after being named.

Horses are not allowed to breed with brothers, sisters, parents, or grandparents.

Getting Started

To create your stable in ZED RUN, you'll need to connect your MetaMask wallet.

The video below outlines, step by step, how to use MetaMask to create a stable in ZED RUN.


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Zed Run

Own exclusive racehorses, participate in races, earn by breeding, and create your own stable and legacy.

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