Tiny World

A Big Experience

Following the trend of other successful games such as DeFi Kingdoms, Tiny World mixes together the elements of collectibles, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and Gaming all in one place, allowing users to control their experience on the Tiny World ecosystem.

The Tiny Elements

At this moment, Tiny World can be separated into three fronts, the Tiny Farm, Tiny Kingdom, and Tiny Dungeons. It’s important to understand what are the key elements of each one in order to successfully join the game.

Tiny Farm

The Tiny Farm englobes all the elements from the Tiny Vault to the Marketplace of heroes, including the possibilities to yield farming with assets.

The Tiny Vault is a yield optimizer focused on providing Tiny World users with the best yield possible on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. Users can stake certain Liquidity-Provider (LP) Tokens into the Tiny Vault smart contract to get rewards.

You can find the details on the Rewards system here.

Yield Farming is a unique farming mining pool for Tiny Hero Collectibles. Players can form an exploration team with their Tiny Heroes and stake them to earn Tiny Coin (TINC) through exploration farming.

Each Tiny Hero has a randomly generated Power attribute that can be upgraded by consuming other Tiny Heroes. The total combat power is calculated by adding up the combat power of all your Tiny Heroes in your exploration team. The amount of TINC tokens mined depends on your weighted average of the total power across this Yield Farming pool.

On the Marketplace, you have a decentralized exchange center where users can buy and sell Tiny Heroes. Tiny Heroes can only be traded in BUSD, they can’t be traded on the Marketplace if they are currently staked, the Tiny Market takes a 5% exchange fee, half of which will go to the Buyback and Burn pool.

Tiny Kingdom

Tiny Kingdom is like having many games in one. At it's most basic, it is an auto-battler idle game where your Tiny Heroes will battle endless waves of enemies. When you end the battle, you will be rewarded with special materials which can be forged in to epic equipment. There will be more gameplay features added in Tiny Kingdom, with Tiny Heroes and equipment being vital to the gameplay and economy.

Your heroes can get stronger by upgrading their powers and wearing equipements. As they get stronger, the rewards won get better as well. The strongest heroes get on the leaderboard and fight for exclusive prizes!

By now you understand the importance of heroes on Tiny Farm and Tiny Kingdom, but now it’s time to learn that all Tiny Heroes meet Standard ERC-1155 and are summoned on the Tiny Farm to be later sent to the Tiny Kingdom. You need at least one hero in order to play Tiny Kingdom. 

There are different classes, stats, rarities, and equipment for heroes, and getting a good grasp of these mechanics is important to use Tiny Kingdom to its maximum potential.

But how to create Equipment, you may ask? Well, in order to forge your own equipment you will have to collect materials, the way for doing that is to engage in combat. At the end of every combat each hero in battle gets one material. You can also directly trade equipment on the Marketplace.

There are a bunch of equipment types and rarities, so if you want to get the best out of this mechanic, be sure to research more on Tiny World’s documentation.

Tiny Dungeons

Tiny Dungeons is a simulation game with a tower defense mechanism that will be released later in 2022 with land pre-sale. Build your dungeon and gain amazing rewards or get really competitive and send your squad to loot other Dungeons and become the ruler of this darker world!

All content on this page is based on and/or taken from the game original documentation/whitepaper. Play Portal shares Blockchain games so its readers can get knowledge about the top games available on the market.

Getting Started

In order to start your journey into the Tiny World, first head to <link> and click on “Launch App”

That will open a new tab, taking you to a website where you can control information on your account in the game.

Click on the “Play” button on the down left corner, that will open this screen:

After clicking on “Play” you will be requested to connect your Wallet

Pick your favorite option and press “Play” once again. This time a new tab will appear with the Game and you’re good to go!

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Tiny World

Tiny World combines Collectibles, DeFi, and Gaming creating a unique experience. Join a rich world and participate in huge adventures using unique heroes.

Idle, Casual
Tiny World