Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is a Play-and-Own crypto game where everything you collect is identifiable on the Polygon Blockchain. You can farm, chop, mine, craft, and more as you build your farming empire.

The developers are passionate about building a MetaVerse that is shaped and designed by the community. The game reflects real-life economic supply and demand with an in-built mechanism that makes resources scarcer as time progresses.

Every item you harvest, gather or craft is own-able on the Polygon Blockchain. This enables people to collect valuable and exotic resources and then share them with friends or list them on supported trading platforms such as OpenSea.

Sunflower Farmers are on a quest to explore the land, collect exotic resources, and craft new items. Everything you collect throughout Sunflower Land is identifiable on the Blockchain as either an NFT or Fungible Token.

To craft an NFT you must plant, harvest, chop, mine, fish, and collect all the ingredients needed to craft the NFT. In other words, you must work hard for it!


Crops can be sold for SFL or used to craft recipes and items in the game.

The ROI of crops is dynamically calculated based on the total supply of the token. It is best to always refer to the in-game prices for the most up-to-date.

You can grow a crop by purchasing the required seed from the shop.

Kitchen Recipes

In order to unlock new fields of land and discover new seeds, you must craft delicious recipes and give them to the Goblins.

The amount of SFL required in each recipe is dynamically calculated based on the total supply of the token.


Tools are used to collect a range of different resources in Sunflower Land. You can craft most tools at the Blacksmith


Every farm currently has 5 trees. In the future, you will need to expand your land (NFT expansions) in order to discover trees. Until then, happy chopping!

Each tree has the following characteristics: 

  • Produces between 3-5 wood 
  • Requires 1 axe (after use it is burnt) 
  • Takes 2 hours to regrow 

Based on your skill tree and rare items, the above stats may be increased.

Stone, Iron & Gold

During Beta, each farm has 3 stones, 2 iron rocks, and 1 gold rock scattered throughout the map. In the future, you will need to mint land expansion NFTs to find these resources

The above stats indicate the base level. These change after skill upgrades and rare mints.


Animals are currently being built and are subject to change.

Crafting Limits

To encourage fair gameplay and prevent whales from minting too many items, the developers have a range of limitations around crafting rare items:

  • You can only craft and hold one item on a farm 
  • You must wait 7 days before crafting the same item again 
  • Max 3 flags per farm

Rare and Limited Items

Collected some resources? Now it is time to mint an item before they run out!

There are 2 ways to earn a rare item:

  • You design or develop it
  • You collect resources in the game and craft it

Open Sea

The items below can be found in the Sunflower Land Collectible collection.


The Sunflower Land timeline is based on seasons. Each season releases a new range of boosts and rare items to collect. Seasons are roughly based on the halving periods when resources and SFL become scarcer. This means new seasons require fewer resources and give an opportunity for new players to gather resources and craft new resources.

"But some of the Season rare items are too expensive for me!"

This is how the scarcity works which drives the Sunflower Land ecosystem and creates a demand for resources and SFL. There will be some items that require significant gameplay and/or gathering resources on a secondary market. If everyone could mint a rare item, it wouldn't be rare

The longer you play and more resources you gather, the better shot you will have at crafting items!

Better start farming!

Season 1 

The sun is shining on our Sunflower Citizens who are beginning to grow their farming empires. This season is focused on the basics of farming and resource collection. It is a wild west to gather items and craft items.

Boosts Season 1

The following items can be minted to provide in-game boosts. During beta, the prices below will be adjusted based on difficulty and distribution.


The following items are rare decorations that you can use to flex your farming skills. During beta, the prices below will be adjusted based on difficulty and distribution.


Season 1 also has a long list of limited edition flags. The supply is calculated based on the average number of players from that area. Pricing is fairly similar, except countries with a famous resource will require that resource. For example, the national flower of Ukraine is the Sunflower, hence that flag requires Sunflowers to be minted

Season 2

A war is brewing in Sunflower Land and the Sunflower Army needs all the resources they can get. This season focuses on raising barn animals to produce collectible animal goods and craft rare and limited items and NFTs

Boosts Season 2

The following items can be minted to provide in-game boosts. 


The following items are rare decorations that you can use to flex your farming skills. 

Skill Tree - Professions

Sunflower Land has 2 main professions. More will be added in the future

  1. Farming (Crops and Animals)
  2. Gathering (Chopping, Mining, Bees, Fishing, etc.)

You earn experience for performing different types of actions. Every 5 levels you will be able to choose a 'skill badge'. This will give you a boost in a certain area and give you access to mint special items.

Land Expansion

The Sunflower Land Token will be an essential part of the Land Expansion feature. Players will need to mint and unlock unique pieces of land. Each piece of land will have a random distribution of resources. If you are lucky, you could discover a rare resource like diamonds!

All content on this page is based on and/or taken from the game's original documentation/whitepaper. Play Portal shares Blockchain games so its readers can get knowledge about the top games available on the market.

Getting Started

The aim of Sunflower Land is to collect resources and craft items. Some resources such as crops can be exchanged for the Sunflower Land Token, whereas others are used solely for crafting collectible items and NFTs.

Create a Farm

Before creating a farm, make sure you have $1 MATIC and have completed Getting setup

  1. Go to
  2. Connect via Discord (Open Beta)
  3. Choose your charity and create your farm

Congratulations! You have just minted your very own Farm NFT. This NFT gives you access to the game and also holds all of the resources you earn.  

Earning SFL

SFL is required for crafting tools and expanding your farm. The quickest way to earn SFL is to buy farming crops and exchange these for SFL.

How to upgrade your farm?

In order to unlock new fields and seeds, you must collect enough resources and craft a recipe for the Goblin that protects the land. Depending on the piece of land, you will need to collect a mixture of SFL and different crops.

How to sync to the blockchain?

All of your progress is saved on our game server. You will need to 'Sync on Chain' when you wish to move your tokens, NFTs and resources on the Blockchain. We recommend players do this every 1-3 days to ensure all of their progress is secured on the Blockchain.

  1. Open up the menu
  2. Click Sync on Chain

How to mint an item?

Once you have collected the necessary resources head to one of the locations that offers rare items:

  • Blacksmith
  • Tailor
  • Barn
  1. Selected your item
  2. Click 'craft'
  3. Accept the Metamask transaction that appears

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Sunflower Land

Plant, Chop, Mine, Craft & Collect

Simulation, Idle
Adam Hannigan