Space Solitaire

Explore a celestial collection of engaging solitaire matches and unleash your inner stargazer as you challenge yourself and others with a variety of Solitaire puzzles.

Be it on 1v1 matches, tournaments, or just relaxing, Space Solitaire is your option to go on a classic card game with a chill sci-fi background

Getting Started

  • Click/tap and hold the card you want to move, then drag and release it where you want to place it.
  • Click/tap any card that can go to the foundation, and it will be placed there automatically.
  • Click/tap the pile to reveal 3 cards - only the top card can be played. Once the top has been placed on the table, the next card in line will be playable and so on.

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Space Solitaire

The Turn-3 version of Solitaire, with a futuristic background

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