Shrapnel promises to be a unique and exciting FPS experience that appeals to players who enjoy competitive gameplay, customization, and ownership of their in-game assets.

Shrapnel is still in active development, but you can join the community and participate in tests to shape the game's future. Once it launches, you'll enter the unforgiving Sacrifice Zone, a land teeming with danger and rewards. Your mission: collect valuable gear (NFTs) and the enigmatic Sigma compound.

Survive the perilous journey to an extraction point, and your loot becomes yours to keep – permanently. But perish in the zone, and your hard-earned treasures vanish into thin air. Everything you acquire in Shrapnel is your digital property. Store it in your persistent inventory and unleash its potential. Sell it, trade it, or use it to build a customized loadout for future missions. The choice is yours.


  • High-stakes extraction gameplay: Players embark on missions to collect valuable resources and escape the map alive.
  • Customizable characters and weapons: Players can personalize their Operators and gear to suit their playstyle.
  • Blockchain-enabled: The game utilizes blockchain technology to allow players to truly own and trade their in-game items.
  • Moddable: Players can create and share their own custom content, including maps, weapons, and game modes.



In 2038, the immense exosolar asteroid 38 Sigma collided with the moon. Following the massive Lunar-Impact Event (LIE), Saturn-like rings formed around the moon, bombarding Earth along a global 500-kilometer-wide band. Pelted by lunar meteorites, the band was permanently evacuated and designated the Sacrifice Zone (The Zone).


Too large for any police force or army to quarantine, The Zone was originally guarded by paramilitary contractors. That is, until Shrapnel — fragments of the asteroid, rich in rhodium, iridium, and platinum — was discovered. The guards soon became mercenaries, extracting Shrapnel and killing anyone who got in their way. Now a somewhat stabilized society soldiers on, while national and corporate entities quietly militarize their own forces. Each Mercenary Extraction Force (MEF), is dedicated to extracting as much wealth as possible from the depopulated, highly dangerous Sacrifice Zone.


In 2040, scientists discovered that material refined from Shrapnel allows behaviors that occur in quantum mechanics to manifest into the realm of classical physics. Chance can be manipulated, objects can become physically linked despite being separate, and even the relationship between cause and effect can be flipped. As the potential of the material — dubbed Compound Sigma — became more known, the demand for the substance increased dramatically. VALDACHA CORP. (V-Corp) cornered the market for this new lucrative tech, resulting in massive MEF wars. Now, in 2044, the fight rages.

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Shrapnel is an upcoming first-person shooter (FPS) game that promises to be intensely competitive and innovative.

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