Planet IX

PLANET IX is a blockchain-based strategy and trading game with a virtual copy of our planet as the playing field. Imagine yourself playing a digital version of Monopoly, together with an unlimited number of players, where instead of streets your goal is to acquire virtual land parcels called PIX.

PIX can be acquired by pack drops, via trading in the marketplace, or by collaborating with other players.

PLANET IX is part of the future of blockchain gaming and, with a combination of sustainable investments in real-world assets, is taking play-to-earn into a new era. Together we are building the planet of tomorrow.

The Planet IX

The virtual Planet consists of 1,6 billion hexagons of virtual land called PIX. These PIX are divided into different classifications and tiers depending on where they’re located and some are rarer than others. Also, every PIX is a unique NFT.

ITX Token

IX Token (IXT) is the in-game utility token; what you use to buy your PIX in the Planet IX Marketplace. The Token holders will play a big part in shaping the future of Planet IX. Their choices of upgrades to the virtual ecosystem will have a great impact on the game itself, and therefore also on the sustainability projects supported by the Planet IX community treasury.

Game map

The Planet Map works as your search function. Swipe and zoom in on the region of your choice to get a closer look. Filters make it easy to see what PIX you’ve already acquired in that area and what PIX are up for sale in the Marketplace. Who said saving the planet had to be hard?


Territories are a huge part of Planet IX and are split up into six categories: the first and smallest being a single PIX. Each territory requires more connected PIX next to each other until you finally reach the largest stage of a domain. When you reach the territory level Area, you’ll start receiving rewards from your territory through staking. The larger the territory you stake - the higher rewards you receive.

Later on, you'll be able to form Territories by merging them with one another i.e merging two zones creates a domain. By doing so, splitting both ownership and rewards with other AoCs. Sharing is caring (and also kind of strategic).


Landmark is split up into a different number of shares which can either be found in drops or won in a raffle. The Landmarks all have different rarities and traits. Depending on rarity the landmark collects fees from all trades made in that certain area. 

For example: Common landmarks have smaller areas of yield and Legendary landmarks have a much bigger area of yield. There are 888 Landmarks in total, all of which are divided into shares. Some Landmarks only have 1 share, while others can have several thousand. All shares have true ownership and are tradeable in the Marketplace.

Game Objective

The goal for all Planet IX players is to collect as many PIX as possible next to each other. Create and form coherent land territories (Territories) and look forward to collecting some pretty decent rewards.

Trade your PIX

To grow your collection of PIX you need to buy more. This is easily done in the Marketplace. Here you can also sell or trade PIX with other players to acquire the land you need to expand and grow your territories. Divide and conquer - but in a nice way. 


The Marketplace is the place where you can buy, sell and bid on PIX. Use this feature to buy connecting PIX to create and build bigger coherent territories. Your collected PIX are marked green, and PIX available for purchase are marked red. Logic. We like logic.

Found a PIX you’d like to buy or bid on? Just click on it.

List your PIX

Go to and connect your trading wallet. Find the PIX you want to sell on the map or in your inventory. Press the “Dollar sell” button next to that PIX in the menu. The sell screen will now pop up. Choose how long you want the listing or auction to last and set your fixed price or minimum acceptable bid. Once this is done, press “Put on sale” to list your PIX.

How to Buy/Sell PIX

If you want to bid on or buy a PIX, first make sure your trading wallet is connected. Once that’s done, go to the Marketplace menu. Now press Explore to view purchasable PIX on the map. Zoom in and move around to see the PIX available in that specific location. Once you find the PIX or bundle you want to buy - click on it. 

You can also find the PIX you’re looking for by searching for it in the Marketplace menu. Narrow your search by using filters for rarity and location. If the PIX or bundle says “Current bid” this is an auction where the player with the highest bid will win the PIX at the end of the auction. 

To bid on a PIX, press “Bid” and type in a value of IXT higher than the current bid. Now press “Place bid” and confirm the transaction in your wallet; you’ve now placed a bid on the PIX. If your bid is the highest when the auction ends, or if the owner accepts your bid, you win and own the PIX.

However, if it says “Buy now” this is a fixed price where you can buy the PIX instantly for the listed set price – first come, first serve.

To buy the PIX for a fixed price, simply press “Buy now” and confirm the transaction in your web3 wallet. Once the transaction is completed you’re the new proud owner of the PIX.


In the raffle section on our website, we’ll be hosting (you guessed it) raffles for shares of landmarks. Each raffle will have a different amount of landmark shares up for grabs, and there’ll be a limited number of raffle tickets. To get raffle tickets you need to buy packs or complete challenges. Basically: work hard, play hard – and have the chance to win more shares.

Disclaimer: All content on this page is based on and/or taken from the game original documentation/whitepaper. Play Portal shares Blockchain games so its readers can get knowledge about the top games available on the market. Planet IX Gamebook

Getting Started

- Go to and click the Register button.

- In order to play you must connect Planet IX with a Web3 wallet. As Planet IX is operating on the Ethereum-based Polygon Network, you will need to add that to your wallet in order to trade and store your ERC20-tokens and NFT assets.

- You can find more information about how to connect the wallets on the official game document:  

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