Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes is a AAA play-and-earn third-person shooter (TPS) built on the Solana blockchain. In Nyan Heroes, you play as a Nyan cat piloting a Guardian Mech set in a futuristic world where elements of fantasy and science fiction intertwine. 

Players will be able to enjoy a variety of gameplay modes. Match up with a group of friends or two other random players in our 60-person, PvP-style battle royale tournament. 


Nekovia was once the greatest civilization ever known in the metaverse. It was an ancient civilization filled with myth and legend, yet plagued by wars, rebellions, and treachery. 

After a millennia of turmoil and destruction, a technological breakthrough became Nekovia’s salvation and path to peace. Nekovia’s engineers had discovered how to harness a new type of energy from Nekovia’s natural resources, eventually using it to power great machines that advanced their civilization technologically. This evolution of this technological power allowed the Nyans to expand their reach, which they used to strike fear into their enemies and rule their surrounding neighbors. After centuries of forced peace, wealth and technological advancement, its citizens, the Nyans, began to see themselves as Gods of not just their own world, but the entire universe. Progress was made at the cost of sustainability, and Nekovia’s natural resources were depleted until there was nothing left. The organization responsible for driving this progress - Starlight Corporation. 

Some say that the Corruption was a side effect from the pollution of the world. Others say that it was the will of the Gods. But what we know now is that Mother Nature’s revenge was swift and deadly. All over the world, the Corruption spread and took hold of Nekovia, infecting its citizens and its machinery and turning them into Elementals. These giant twisted nightmarish creatures overran the entire civilization in just three days, and the casualties sustained by Nekovia were immense.

That calamity took place just over a year ago.

Today, Nekovia stands on the brink of extinction. Its remaining hope at preserving life is in a handful of underground survivors who continue to fight on. This is their genesis story.

Game Modes

Nyan Heroes is a third-person shooter that spans across multiple genres of gameplay. The game is designed to provide our players with a wide range of activities depending on their player archetypes. Nyan Heroes will be comprised of PvP, PvE, and social elements of gameplay.

The game modes included are: 

• Battle Royale

• Open World MMO 

• Virtual World


One of the game modes of Nyan Heroes will feature a third-person battle royale set around the post-cataclysmic civilization of Nekovia. The map itself will feature an array of spectacular environments including overgrown forests, barren wastelands, toxic marshlands, and an array of mountainous terrain all centered around the map’s key landmark, the ruined central metropolis of Nekovia.

Prior to starting the match, players will have the option to queue up as an individual or join a team of three. Players that queue as individuals will automatically be placed in a randomized team as the default setting unless they elect to play solo prior to the match start. Choose wisely and pay special attention to your teammate's loadouts. The key to victory is bringing a balanced team composition. The benefit of owning multiple Nyans and their Guardians is the ability you have to combine different NFTs in order to find the strongest team composition for battle

Just like many battle royale games, players will jump from a mechcraft and land at a location of their choosing on the map. Whilst players will immediately have access to their abilities upon landing, it is encouraged to immediately prioritize finding an advanced primary and secondary weapon. These weapons can be found scattered across the map, either sitting in plain sight or hiding inside supply crates. There are many different types of weapons available and it will be up to the player to decide which combination is best suited to complement their Guardian’s abilities

As you fight, you will find yourself coming across mana crystals, which will level up the Guardian’s abilities during the match. The leveling system was designed to discourage players from camping or sniping, as this tactic will result in a lack of acquired mana crystals, thereby putting players that choose those strategies at a disadvantage in the later portions of the match.

Be the last to survive the map and eliminate your opponents to win the game and earn rewards.

Rewards available include: 

• $NYN 

• $CTNP 

• Guardian Cores - combine these with $CTNP to mint a new Guardian 

• Nyan Cores - combine these with $CTNP to mint a new Nyan 

• Weapon Cores - combine with $CTNP to mint a new Primary/Secondary Weapon 

• Guardian Parts - combine these with $CTNP to level up your Guardian 

• Weapon Parts - combine these with $CTNP to level up your Weapon 

• Raw materials - combine these with $CTNP to create consumable items 

• Mystic Dust - collect this with $CTNP to exchange for cosmetic upgrades to your weapons/parts

• Achievements


Play PvE through the adventure mode as you and your Nyan battle fierce foes to slowly make your way back to Nekovia. Take on a combination of main quests and side quests to level up your characters and test new skills. For new players, this will be a good way to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. However, be prepared as the difficulty increase will catch you off guard if you are unprepared!

Play through the open-world adventure to earn rewards including: 

• EXP 

• $NYN 

• $CTNP 

• Guardian Cores - combine these with $CTNP to mint a new Guardian 

• Nyan Cores - combine these with $CTNP to mint a new Nyan 

• Weapon Cores - combine with $CTNP to mint a new Primary/Secondary Weapon 

• Guardian Parts - combine these with $CTNP to level up your Guardian 

• Weapon Parts - combine these with $CTNP to level up your Weapon 

• Raw materials - combine these with $CTNP to create consumable items 

• Mystic Dust - collect this with $CTNP to exchange for cosmetic upgrades to your weapons/parts

• Achievements


After either creating your own Guild or joining another, you will gain access to a variety of Guild-specific activities in Nyan Heroes

Guilds will provide access to additional in-game quests normally not available. These can be completed solo or in a group. Rewards will be distributed to the participants as well as a small percentage going to the Guild itself

Guilds will also be able to run their own marketplaces in-game. Larger and stronger guilds will be more likely to have rare items and higher trading volumes in their marketplace. Guild masters will be able to set their own trading fees for their marketplace as well as capture a portion of the in-game marketplace revenue for their guild.


Raids will also become available as development progresses. In a raid, many party members will need to combine their efforts in order to defeat raid bosses. Proceed with caution, as raids will be exceedingly difficult should you not bring enough members. But should you survive, the rewards of victory will be extremely valuable and rare.


As a metaverse project, spaces are being created within the open world mode for the community to hang out and interact with one another. These instances can be purely social as hangouts, or they can be done for roleplaying purposes. For instance, players who focus on PvE and farming can become merchants or shop owners and interact with other players or customers, the same as our IRL world economy. The options are limitless and the choice is entirely up to the player. 


Using the power of Guardian Cores, each Nyan can call forth a Guardian. Guardians are a mighty ally in the fight against the Elementals. Every Guardian is different and when summoned, will be assigned unique mech parts. 

Guardians will be classified into nine different classes, each with their own unique abilities to deploy in battle. 

In addition, Guardians will be bestowed three additional subparts at random upon mint:

• Arm attachment 

• Helmet attachment 

• Back attachment

These subparts will each represent a unique sub-ability for that Guardian and will give the players unlimited possibilities when it comes to owning a unique character


A balanced Guardian with average speed and health. The Warrior class excels at a mix of frontline and attack and is able to sustain damage for a short period of time. Use the Warrior to take out a high-value target before retreating to the backlines.


The proverbial meatshield. Slow to move, but this Guardian can take a hit! The Defender is the most resilient Guardian class and has the strongest ability to take on damage. Use the Defender to withstand the strongest enemy attacks, provide cover for your DPS units, or distract your enemies while your Assassin or Sniper moves to kill.


Fast but fragile! This Guardian does not want to be seen on the frontlines of any battle. Instead, they must sneak and use cover to eliminate high-priority targets from behind. Use the Assassin for stealth missions and to avoid the eyes of your enemies. 


Another fast yet fragile class, the Sniper would do well to avoid direct fire with the enemy. Armed with a high-powered rifle, the Sniper class excels in taking out high-priority mobile targets with a single shot, or at least forcing them to retreat and heal. Typically will synergize with abilities that allow this class to reach high ground.


The only Guardian that has high speed and survivability. Your one goal is to move around the battlefield and keep your team members alive. The Medic is more sturdy than an Assassin and Scout, but finding yourself on the frontlines would most likely result in your demise


Fast and fragile, these Guardians are experts at scouting a new area and alerting your team of potential enemies, traps and other dangers. Use the Scout to spy on your enemies and plot your next moves


Slower and built like a tank, this Guardian would rather have his machines do all the dirty work for him. The Mechanic is able to set up sentries, traps, and other gadgets, making this Guardian a menace to deal with without a Scout.


The Soldier is a well-balanced Guardian that aims to jump into fights and disrupt the enemy’s senses. This is the only class of Guardian that is not an NFT. Use the Soldier to engage in close and mid-range battles with your enemies. Soldiers will be provided for free to new players that join the game.


The Nyan Heroes Pass is a collection of 11,111 of the final remaining Genesis Nyans in the fight for Nekovia. They are the last of their kind and are, therefore, are one of a kind. Because of this uniqueness and scarcity, they will forever hold value in the Nyan Heroes ecosystem. The Genesis NFTs will provide a multitude of benefits and rewards to our holders. Each Genesis holder will receive:

• Access to 2 Genesis Guardian NFT airdrops 

 • These are the in-game playable characters. Owning a Genesis Guardian gives players an unparalleled advantage for yield generation in the game compared to non-Genesis Guardians 

• Staking: By holding and staking your Genesis NFTs, you will get access to various in-game NFT items as well as $CTNP, the in-game token 

• A variety of limited edition airdrops including cosmetic items, in-game items, battle passes, and loot boxes

• Early access to beta tests 

• Early access to land presales 

• Access to NyanDAO, a community-based DAO initiative focused on growing the ecosystem while also offering its own unique DAO benefits to active community members 

• A limited-edition PFP which can be used as your in-game account avatar 

• The right to create your own Genesis origin story for your character

Genesis Nyans will come in various rarities, ranging from common to legendary. The drop rates are as follows: 

46% - Common

29% - Uncommon

14% - Rare

7% - Ultra rare

4% - Legendary


Using $CTNP, players will be able to buy or sell items through the open marketplace in the form of trading. This will form the foundation of the player-based economy. Players can trade a limitless amount of items including but not limited to:

  • Guardians                                     
  • Nyans 
  • Weapons 
  • Cosmetic skins 
  • Guardian cores 
  • Nyan cores 
  • Weapon cores
  • Guardian parts 
  • Weapon parts 
  • Raw materials 
  • Crafted items 
  • Consumables 
  • Buildings 
  • Decorative items

In addition to trading, players will have the ability to loan out items to other players in return for a share of the value earned by the borrowing player. These rental agreements will be in-game features and the payouts will be automated, allowing individuals or groups with limited infrastructure or time to still be able to manage a large number of rentals simultaneously.


The entire metaverse in Nyan Heroes will be subdivided into subterranean land plots with a central genesis region surrounded by outer regions. Land plots closer to the central genesis region will be valued higher. Land plots on the outskirts and further from the central genesis will be valued lower. 

Land, particularly central land, will have a limited supply in Nekovia. Once all land parcels have been distributed, there will be no more land available unless someone decides to sell their land plot.


A small guild can be created by anyone. However, expanding that guild requires the Guild Master to purchase a plot of land. In doing so, not only does the total capacity of the guild increase, but the access of the Guild to certain activities and events will also increase. Guilds will typically gain access to additional quests including time-specific events, raids, and missions that would otherwise not be available. 

Guilds will also be able to build various structures on their land, including marketplaces, job boards, shops, repair centers, and more. By having a large active guild in a central part of Nekovia, your land will provide increased foot traffic for visitors who may wish to interact with your various stores or trading posts. The more traffic and interactions your guild receive, the more commissions you receive overall, which will allow you to expand your guild further. If your guild owns the largest in-game marketplace in Nekovia, the rewards will be bountiful for you and your friends. In addition, the guild itself sets its own fees in our free, open-world marketplace.


As each parcel of land corresponds to an area of the map in our open-world game mode, various resources can be harvested passively as the game is played. These resources include items from mining, farming, harvesting, etc, but also include land-specific resources unable to be obtained elsewhere.


Owning land in areas of high foot traffic in-game may also be used for advertising purposes if deemed appropriate according to the game's boundaries and guidelines. This includes advertising for in-game guilds, shops, and also real-world clients and brands.

All content on this page is based on and/or taken from the game's original documentation/whitepaper. Play Portal shares Blockchain games so its readers can get knowledge about the top games available on the market.

Getting Started

Nyan Heroes is yet to be released, but don’t worry, we will update this page to provide you with all the information necessary to pilot your mechas as soon as possible!

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Nyan Heroes

An immersive NFT-based shooter of futuristic revolutions, cats in robots, evil corporations and more.

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