Nitro League


The World

The year is 3050. The world has evolved and progressed into a very optimistic future. There were no apocalyptic events in the past. Technology is the best we can envision, which includes buildings, power & energy supply, and preservation of nature (greenery). Public transport vehicles are all self-driving and mostly flying. Land space on earth is usually used for nature (plants, animals, water bodies, etc.)

The Racing Fever

Communities are productive and wealthy with all necessities of life taken care of (food, water, power, education, etc.). People work only to support their hobbies. Needless to say, the most hard-working people are the ones with luxurious hobbies (i.e. collecting cars), and the most well-paid jobs are to fuel these hobbies (i.e. car racing). There are no roads on land like in 2020. Car racing is one of the main sports in 3050 (similar to horse racing in 2020).

The City Of Racing

The city of Ethermoor hosts the biggest racing events in the universe. The ancient city was created by racing enthusiasts and is built to promote the racing craze for the entire universe. Status, power, honor, and wealth are now earned through racing in the grand Nitro arena. In the middle of the city lies the main attraction, the grand racing arena. The best place in the universe to witness innovative cars and thrilling races. Drivers from around the world dream of getting a chance to race at the grand arena.

Society Structure

The known universe in 3050 is ruled by “The Supreme Six”. These 6 nations have managed to live in harmony for centuries with an understanding of each other’s differences. Any disputes that do arise are settled the old fashion way - a well-executed sports tournament. The most popular of these sports is car racing, and the best events are hosted in the city of Ethermoor at the Nitro Arena.

The players are divided into clans that are part of a nation. Nations are known for their unique racing skills and technology. There can be any number of clans in each nation registered by real-world Nitro Elders. To race in the Nitro League, players must join a clan. Players are rewarded a badge (rank system) by the clan based on their Reputation Points (RP). Players can switch nations or clans at any time; however, switching nations or clans have consequences (like losing nation/clan-specific attribute bonuses and locations).

When players win matches, they earn RP from the matches and lose it when they don't perform. If the player reaches a certain tier/rank and stops playing the game, there would be a decay in RP which would be demoting the player’s account to help other active players reach higher tiers.



Nitro League offers some of the most exotic futuristic NFT cars the world has ever seen. All cars in our game universe are built for racing and can be traded in real-world NFT marketplaces. The designs are inspired by different eras, starting from the year 2020 up to the year 3050.

The value of any car can be gauged by its rarity - Common, Uncommon, Rare, Special, and Legendary. Common cars are cheaper to buy and don't perform as well in races; whereas, rare cars are produced in lesser numbers, are more expensive, and perform better in races. Players can customize their cars for the race conditions with different components to influence the outcome of the computer-simulated races.


There are 6 main car classes derived from the unique talent and technologies offered by “the Supreme Six” nations. Each class comes with its unique advantage on the race track giving attribute bonuses for Reputation, Speed, Acceleration, Handling, and Durability.


Produced during the year 1900 to 2020, this class includes 4-wheel vehicles that are street, sports, rally, and drag cars. These are the original designs, the leaders of the pack, that inspired all the models to follow for years to come. The cars in this class have been winning for over a thousand years, breeding confidence, and naturally gaining people's trust. The designs have been extremely charismatic, charming, and intimidating on the race tracks since the beginning. This class is suited for the strong-willed who believe that nothing can stand in their way.

Reputation: ★★★★★

Speed: ★★★★☆

Acceleration: ★★★★☆

Handling: ★★★☆☆

Durability: ★★★★☆




Produced during the year 1950 to 2050, this class includes 4-wheel vehicles that are street, sports, rally, and drag cars. Although very similar to Alpha class vehicles, Beta class vehicles were designed to be safer, stronger, and long-lasting with exceptionally better handling. They are friendlier looking on the race track, and not as intimidating; hence, overshadowed by the reputation of Alpha class. This class is suited for reserved players who believe that defense is their best offense.

Reputation: ★★★☆☆

Speed: ★★★★☆

Acceleration: ★★★★☆

Handling: ★★★★★

Durability: ★★★★☆




Produced during the year 2500 to 3050, this class includes 2 to 3 wheel vehicles that are rocket, bike, and bullet-style. These vehicles are made for adventurous journeys and constant exploration. They possess the capability to create their own path on the race tracks due to their slim size and skillful aero-dynamics. The vehicles in this class are fully aware of their surroundings and can make quick moves to stun their opponents. These vehicles are vulnerable to being pushed around by other classes due to their lightweight design. This class is suited for independent players who believe in quick take-offs and always rush to the finish line while keeping their distance from other racers.


Reputation: ★★★★☆

Speed: ★★★★☆

Acceleration: ★★★★★

Handling: ★★★★☆

Durability: ★★★☆☆




Produced since the year 3000, this class includes hover vehicles that are street, sports, and muscle cars. This class hasn’t been around for a long time, but it has the fastest vehicles the world has ever seen. The hover cars are the most technologically advanced piece of machinery ever invented and can withstand any criticism from old-timers about having no wheels. Having so much speed does give them a slight disadvantage in terms of their poor handling on the race tracks. With artificial intelligence controlling most functions, the vehicles in this class are the most calculated and evolved on the race track. This class is suited for the self-assured nerds who are driven by performance and enjoy the action more than the rewards.


Reputation: ★★★★☆

Speed: ★★★★★

Acceleration: ★★★★☆

Handling: ★★★☆☆

Durability: ★★★★☆




Produced since the year 2020, this class includes F1-style vehicles that are 4-wheelers, 3-wheelers, 2-wheelers, and hover cars. These vehicles have been around for as long as the Alpha class and produced up to recent times (year 3050); however, their looks have not been changed very much, making them very deceptive on the race track. They are very agile when racing and can overtake opponents in the blink of an eye. To prove their mad skills; however, they are self-sabotaging by nature. Even the slightest nudge from any other class can make them go flying off the race track. This class is suited for the old-timers who believe that F1 cars are the best thing that ever happened to racing.


Reputation: ★★★★☆

Speed: ★★★★★

Acceleration: ★★★★☆

Handling: ★★★☆☆

Durability: ★★★★☆




Produced in the year 3000, this class includes 4-wheel vehicles that are street, sports, rally, muscle, and drag cars. Although fairly new, the reputation of vehicles in this class is a rockstar and is thought to surpass that of Alpha class in the future. Similar to the Omega class, Sigma is also the most technologically advanced class in the world. The vehicles are known for their artificial intelligence providing very calculated and evolved skills on the race tracks. Sigma has come up with some of the most exotic futuristic car designs the world has ever seen, along with the most well-balanced racing attributes. This class is suited for the cunning racers who are confident in their skills and don’t like playing by the rules.

Reputation: ★★★★☆

Speed: ★★★★☆

Acceleration: ★★★★☆

Handling: ★★★★☆

Durability: ★★★★☆




Nitro League offers a wide selection of drivers to choose from. Selecting the right driver for a race is just as important as the car to win any event. Players can own multiple drivers (NFTs) in their inventory and choose the one best suited for each race.


Driver traits set them apart from each other and affect the outcome of the race. These traits include passion, confidence, mood, reaction time, and risk-taking. The more you train with a driver, the better they perform in races. Drivers do get tired which affects their mood inversely, so players can relax their drivers by taking them to a spa or club.



Car Upgrades


There Are 3 Types Of Car Upgrades Available In The Game.

  1. Performance Parts 
  2. Decorations 
  3. Power-ups


Each car is made up of 8 different performance parts - Engine, Spoiler, Tires/Hover Disks, Breaks, Booster Kit, Hood, Air Intake, and Exhaust. Car parts can be upgraded to give an attribute bonus to the car. Cars with better parts have a higher chance of winning races. Car parts are NFT assets that can be sold separately or bundled with the car.


Car decorations can be upgraded to give a reputation bonus to the car, and visual styling/personalization. Cars with better decorations have a higher chance of selling at a better value in the marketplace. Decorations are NFT assets that can be sold separately or bundled with the car.


Power-ups (boosters) are consumable items and are used once per race. A player can own many boosters; however, they can only choose to use 2 boosters in a single race.

Driver Upgrades

Nitro League offers beautiful accessories to personalize your driver. These accessories are not just for show, they also improve your chances of winning the race. Each trait of a driver gets upgraded with helmets, jackets, gloves, and boots. These accessories come in different rarities and can be used by any driver.

Car Fusion

Fusion Cloning is one of the most sought-after activities in the game. It is performed to produce new unique vehicles in the game which are faster and more valuable than the genesis cars. To perform fusion, the player must own the 2 genesis cars required for fusion, as well as other requirements stated on the blueprints rewarded to the player.

Requirements To Clone A Car Through Fusion:

  • Required number of blueprint cards (awarded in races and other activities). 
  • Required XP and RP level. 
  • 2 cars (blueprint will state which 2 cars can be fused). 
  • Car fusion pod. Can be unlocked in the garage. 
  • Robot - to carry out the fusion process. 
  • Credit tokens (awarded in races, events, and other activities). 
  • Nitro Tokens 
  • Time - Fusion can take a few days depending on the model.

Fusion Cloning Result

  • The 2 original cars used for fusion will be destroyed (burnt). 
  • The 1 new car (fusion clone) will be produced of higher rarity with basic attributes better than the 2 parent cars.


The garage is a very high-tech laboratory-type personal space. It has robotic machinery and digital controls all over. The player will spend most of the time in their garage, which will feature mini-games, car upgrades, store, social activities, notifications, asset showcase, and much more.


  • CAR FUSION: Get rid of your old unwanted cars to create something faster, better, stronger, and unique. 
  • LOOT BOX & DAILY REWARDS: Players can log into the garage daily to claim various rewards offered in the game like credit tokens, power-ups, fuel, etc. 
  • MANAGE UPGRADES: Manage your cars and car upgrades (performance parts, decorations, boosters). 
  • MANAGE INVENTORY: Store assets (parts, fuel, blueprints, wallpapers, etc) in the inventory. Inventory items are visible in the 3D space and also manageable through an interactive menu. 
  • NFT CAR PARKING: Manage your NFT car collection in the garage parking slots, which can be upgraded to add more slots. 
  • NFT ASSET DISPLAYS: NFT assets (car parts, trophies, etc.) are showcased on fancy displays, and also accessible through the inventory menu. 
  • MANAGE ROBOT: Get a robot companion in the garage who will help you out with various tasks in the garage. 
  • NAVIGATION MENUS: Click on futuristic monitors to open up different menus and view information for racer profile, car, club, leaderboard, achievements, etc. 
  • VISIT FRIENDS: Invite friends to view your garage and assets, hang out in their garage online and leave them a rating. 
  • BUY BIGGER GARAGE: You can buy a new NFT garage (with more parking slots and shelf space). 
  • PERSONALIZE YOUR SPACE: Acquire NFTs to decorate your garage. The collection includes sofa sets, car pods, robot huts, display shelves, workbenches, wallpapers, floor tilings, car parking decorations, plantation, and much more.

Sim Racing

Nitro League provides one of the best motorsports management game experiences on the blockchain. There are several racing events held on the 6 islands of Nitro Prime. Players can evaluate the conditions of each race (track, weather, etc.) and equip the best suited NFTs (car, drivers, upgrades, power-ups, etc.) to dominate other players in the race and win big rewards.

Game Modes

Nitro League Offers 3 Different Racing Modes For Its Community.

  1. Free-to-Play Mode: Practice your strategy and get recognized. 
  2. Solo Events: Play-to-Earn as an independent player. 
  3. Team Events: Play-to-Earn by joining a winning team.


The whole objective of the game is to know which items in your inventory are best suited for the race conditions in a specific event. There are a whole range of NFT items available on the marketplace including cars, car upgrades, drivers, driver accessories, power-ups, and pit robots. All of these NFT assets come in different rarities, so keeping a combination of assets that compliment each other for suitable events is a sure way to dominate the race tracks.


Several exciting race tracks are available in the game to challenge and entertain the players. Races will have to make educated decisions about which car, driver, and car components to use depending on the race track. Following are some of the track features that will affect the outcome of the race.

  • Material (asphalt, concrete, fiber, rubber, limestone, etc.) 
  • Straight stretches (drag opportunities) 
  • Twists & Turns (drifting opportunities) 
  • Jumps (airtime opportunities) 
  • Obstacles (damage probability) 
  • Booster strips (power-up advantage)


Depending on which island the race event is held on, the weather will vary drastically. Players that possess the best knowledge of how these conditions affect the race will have a better chance of winning.

There are 6 main weather conditions that an event can have - sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, snowy, and foggy. Players must choose suitable tires for rain, suitable headlights for better visibility in fog, and durable cars for windy conditions. Taking a hover car in a windy race can end up in undesirable results.

Skill-based Racing

This is where the Play-to-Earn excitement really begins. Players get to drive their NFT cars on the track and race against each other. The game provides many opportunities for racers to show off their driving skills and dominate other players on the leaderboard. The ones who succeed get big rewards and recognition.

Game Modes

  1. Nitro League Offers 5 Different Racing Modes For Its Community.
  2. Free-to-Play Mode: Practice your driving skills and get recognized. 
  3. Single Player Time Trials Mode: Play-to-Earn as an independent player in time trail races. 
  4. Single Player Head to Head Mode: Play-to-Earn as an independent player in head to head multiplayer races. 
  5. Team Time Trials Mode: Play-to-Earn as a team in time trail races. 
  6. Team Head to Head Mode: Play-to-Earn as a team in head to head multiplayer races.

Race Preparation

  • Races will be held on different islands presenting different weather conditions. 
  • The tracks are generated specially for each event and will have different twists and turns, straight stretches, jumps, obstacles, etc. 
  • Players will prepare for the race by selecting a suitable car, driver, upgrades, and power-ups for the race. 
  • Cars have a cooldown period, so they cannot participate in back to back races. 
  • There is a cooldown reset card available in the game which can be used to instantly make any car available for the race. These cards are rewarded within the game and can be purchased from the store. 
  • It will cost players Fuel to enter a race which is rewarded in game and available in store.

The Sprint

During the countdown, players will be able to perform burnout to get a perfect start. Races are sprints from start to finish with checkpoints in between. Players can turn left and right, brake, and drift. Players can drive over booster strips to fill up their speed boost bar and use it at the right moment to overtake opponents. Players can take cliff jumps and ramp jumps to fill up their speed booster bar. Players have to avoid obstacles on the track in order to avoid damage.

Event & Tournaments

Players will compete in events to ultimately see who is the best driver in the metaverse and win rewards accordingly. Players can enter free events with smaller rewards using their free cars; however, they must own a premium NFT car to enter events with bigger rewards. Players' performance in races determines their ranking on the Daily event leaderboard, yielding prizes.

Players with high scores in the Daily events will be invited to race in the Weekly tournaments, where top players are promoted to a higher rank based on their skill (RP level). At the end of every season, top-scoring players in the tournaments are invited to compete against top players in the quarterly “Championship event” with a HUGE audience and HUGE rewards.

Following Are The Type Of Events Available In Nitro League:

  • Practice events 
  • Daily events 
  • Special events 
  • Weekly tournaments 
  • Season championships


Owning land on Nitro Prime is a revenue-generating business. This is because a portion of the revenue generated from the races that take place on an island is distributed to the landowners of that island. The more land plots you own, the more revenue you earn per race. There are 6 islands on the planet offering a total of 60,200 land NFTs in different sizes and locations.

Land NFTs will be available for sale in drops of 500-1,000 plots. The genesis drop of Land NFTs for one of the islands is scheduled for release this summer.

Land is a very valuable NFT item that allows for flexible ways of earning money based on the interests of the land owner. Following are some of the ways a land NFT can be utilized:

  • RACE EARNINGS: A portion of the revenue earned from the races on the island will go to the landowners of the island. A higher stake of land will result in higher returns. 
  • RESERVED SPOTS IN RACING EVENTS: Owning land will give you access to reserved slots in each event. 
  • EXCLUSIVE LAND OWNER RACES: There will be special events that only landowners can participate in. 
  • IN-GAME SERVICES: Landowners can provide services for in-game activities. For example, players can take their drivers to relax at the communal spaces. 
  • CAR SHOWROOMS: Landowners can sell digital or real-world assets through their land. Landowners can sell NFT assets from famous content creators by organizing events on their land and keep commission on the sales. 
  • SOCIAL EVENTS (CAR MEETS): Landowners can organize social events (hangout places). For example, concerts, car meets, weddings, streamer events, parties, etc. ADVERTISING: Landowners can run advertisements from sponsors. 
  • RENT: Landowners can rent out their land or properties if they don’t want to manage the activities for monetizing the land themselves. 
  • RETAIL SERVICES: Landowners can create stores and charge a fee for special avatar and car customization services like tire shops, paint shops, repair shops, hair salons, clothing stores, etc.



Players can purchase buildings and structures to personalize their living space. There are several types of customizable building NFTs available in Nitro Prime. The type of building you can place on the land depends entirely on how big your plot is.

  • Small plots can accommodate small houses, condos, lodges, garages, etc. 
  • Medium plots can accommodate large villas, small stores, car museums, etc. 
  • Large plots can accommodate apartment complexes, guild towers, resorts, etc.

Communal Spaces

Communal Space provides common services to the players for relaxation, fitness, socialization, etc. Communal spaces are owned by guilds and clans, who will charge a fee for their services. The initial communal spaces that will be released on the Nitro Prime will include clubhouses, pool areas, fitness centers, game rooms, concert halls, shopping malls, parks, etc.


There are 82 unique landmark NFTs that will be released in the game. Guilds, clans, or players can own landmarks. Land closer to famous landmarks will have a higher value. Landmarks will consist of monuments, castles, bridges, observation points, and other architectural wonders. These landmarks once existed on Earth and have been transported to Nitro Prime in their ruined state as a reminder for the importance of peace. Some of the landmarks you will find in the game are Eiffel tower, Burj al Arab, Colosseum, Statue of liberty, Taj Mahal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc.


Production factories will truly decentralize the game by letting the community build the Nitro world. Factories will be owned by players or guilds to produce their own NFT assets including cars, drivers, props, tracks, buildings, etc. There will be a total of 200 factory plots on Nitro Prime. You can get access to a factory by directly purchasing the plot or leasing it for a fixed period of time.

Production limits are controlled by distribution of production tokens. Landowners are rewarded production tokens for taking part in various activities in the game. These production tokens can be traded with Factory owners to increase their production capacity. Factory owners will be able to monetize through the initial sale of their NFTs, transaction fees, sponsorships, transportation fees, fusion fees, and much more.

All content on this page is based on and/or taken from the game original documentation/whitepaper. Play Portal shares Blockchain games so its readers can get knowledge about the top games available on the market.

Getting Started

1- Download app 

Download the latest version from the official site ( Install Game

2- Install Game

Once the app file is downloaded, you will be prompted to install the APK file. (To install the application, your phone has to allow the installation of unknown apps. You can find the toggle button to “install unknown apps” from the Security or Settings menu of your phone.)

3- Login to the Game with TerraVirtua Account

Once the game is installed, you can open the game. Once you see a login screen on game startup, congrats, the game is successfully installed! Sign in with your TerraVirtua account. If you don't have it yet you can create one here and get your first Nitro League NFT car.

4- Enjoy Garage Experience

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Nitro League

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