League of Kingdoms

League of Kingdoms is a full feature MMO Strategy game where gamers can enjoy single (PvE), multi (PvP), or party-play (MMO). Armed with wide-ranging and rich game modes, contents, and events, the game appeals to not just crypto enthusiasts but also mainstream gamers.

At the current state, the most typical gameplay journey is as described below:

  1. Build kingdom
  2. Join alliance
  3. Strengthen kingdom and troops
  4. Intracontinental guild war
  5. Conquer shrines
  6. Compete for the congress (be a king)
  7. Compete for the CvC championship

The aforementioned cycle often takes more than 6 months in length. In the future, there will be more game modes and content to enjoy outside of the cycle described above.

Kingdom building

In order to increase the level of your kingdom, you can do the below activities. 

  1. BUILD
  3. TRAIN


In the league of kingdoms, you can build various buildings inside of your kingdom. Constructing buildings require time and resources. The higher levels, the more resource/time investments but higher productivities. 

Developing your kingdom is mostly a single-player effort, where you construct buildings, train troops, and gather resources in the fields. 

A kingdom's overall level is tied to the level of your castle, which is located at the center. 

But it occasionally involves multi-player efforts like Rallies, because some of the monsters can only be attacked with multi-player rallies.


Research is a way to enhance new technologies in battle and production. Battle technologies include Cavalry speeds etc and production technologies are various abilities to enhance productivity such as resource gathering speed, etc.

Currently, there are three major avenues for obtaining and upgrading technologies. 

Academy: You can invest resources and time to develop new technologies at the academy building located in your castle. There are three main categories. Battle, Production, and Advanced techs.

Alliance technology: You can also develop a suite of additional technologies by being part of an alliance. Each alliance has its own research institute where you can contribute your resources to develop new technology. These technologies benefit your kingdom as you remain a member of the alliance.

Mastery: Masteries are a range of advanced technologies (mostly conditional ones) that you can learn by earning mastery points. Mastery points can be earned by leveling up your lord. You can get exp points for your lord through hunting monsters.

Academy research

Alliance research



There are three types of troops: Infantry, Archery, and Cavalry. And each of the types has 5 tiers.

Gamers can strategically and tactically strengthen one troop type over another by investing in various research and technologies aforementioned.

These troop types differ in their battle abilities but also gathering speed or load as well. Since the troops are crucial for resource farming, there is ample room for you to be creative in terms of your training strategies.

Farm & Hunt

Farming and hunting are two essential activities to gather the required resources to develop your kingdom.


There are five primary resources and many other auxiliary items you will find the need. You can either harvest them within your kingdom and/or venture into the wilderness to farm resource nodes. Except for the crystal, the other four of the primary resources can also be harvested from farms within your castle. Crystal mines can only be found in the field on rare occasions and are very likely to be already taken by another player. So if you found one empty, lucky you! (Since Land 2.0 upgrade, crystal mines spawn only on the owned Lands) 

Primary resources: Food, Wood, Stone, Gold + Crystals


Hunting monsters also is a good source of resources and loot. Various monsters based on their levels and types drop different resources and/or items. Some boss or special monsters may only be hunted down through rallying with alliance members.

In addition to the resources and loots, you can also earn mastery EXP by hunting monsters. The acquired mastery EXP can be used to gain new mastery skills. 


Alliances play an essential role within the 'League of Kingdoms' gameplay. Whether it be to participate in a dragon hunt or conquest of shrines/congresses, your membership in an alliance is a pre-requisite.

Due to its outsized role in the gameplay, gamers are strongly recommended to join an alliance as early as possible. This alliance membership will create a huge difference in the later stages of the game. In order to facilitate this, the game has an AI-driven alliance recommendation bot, guiding players to join an alliance that fits best.

Once you joined an alliance, there is an entire suite of features you can explore and take advantage of including but not limited to alliance gifts, shops, and buildings.


Alliance info - this is an alliance profile page

Battle - this tab lists all the ongoing invasions and battles involving your alliance members

Shrine - this tab displays all the shrines and congress that your alliance is currently occupying

Building - alliances can build communal spaces by constructing various alliance buildings

Technology - alliance's technology tree where members can donate to do research

Gift - alliance members' package purchases come with an alliance gift and it adds alliance exp.

Help - support fellow alliance members' work queue (ie. construction, research, etc..)

Shop - it displays the list of items currently offered by the Alliance for the members to purchase

Governance - an agora where the alliance governance polls take place + more features are coming

Distribution - distribution of victors' medals won from events



There are various monsters in the wilderness. You can deploy troops to fight and hunt them down. 

Most monsters can be hunted by a solo march, but few special monsters require you to form rallies to fight. There are also special monsters which you must acquire a special item to summon.


You can fight against other kingdoms. You can either attack solo or form rallies.

Some events like "the great kingdom" give points for your PvP battle results, like the number of kills, etc…


The game involves various MMO content including Shrine and Congress, Continent vs Continent (CvC) events, and many more upcoming ones like the Guild War coming in 2022.

As the first and fully-functional blockchain MMO, you can enjoy playing with thousands of other global gamers concurrently on the same game server.


To help with your PvE, PvP, MMO performances, you can leverage equipable items, called treasures.

  • There are normal, magic, epic, and legendary tiers for treasures that you can equip.
  • These treasures have multiple buffs and skills which you must unlock by collecting corresponding treasure sherds.
  • Some treasures enable you to use actively buff and debuff your own or enemy kingdoms, which are either passive or active.
  • Active skills can be debuffs you can cast against your enemy castle.
  • Passive skills are mostly buffs you can activate to enhance your kingdom's productivity
  • Below is a community-contributed spreadsheet that you can refer to for the specifics 

Game Economy

Below is a diagram that summarizes the in-game economy. 

You can get rewards by cultivating your Land NFT, hunting or farming with your Drago NFT, minting acquired resources into NFTs, and selling in the market.


Lands are unique ERC-721 (NFT) tokenized digital estate in the League of Kingdoms game universe. There exist only 65,536 parcels (256x256) and only a fraction (about 6%) are in circulation as of November 2021

Each and every land represents ownership of not only a parcel in the continent where you play the game but every parcel at the same coordinate on all existing continents. This system was made possible with the unique scaling mechanism of the MMORTS genre where new servers are consistently added. You are owning a coordinate and all parcels located at it. You are owning not only the current utility in the game but also the future growth of the game.

You can own and play games on your Land, which will earn development points. The development points will be the basis for Land rewards and levels.

With $LOKA and renovated Land dashboard launching in the first half of 2022, the DAI/BUSD token rewards will be replaced by $LOKA rewards.


Born from the volcanic ashes of the mountain Ararat, Dragos are mythical creatures with various elemental powers. These creatures are innately loyal to their owner but merciless on the battlefields. Each and every Drago is unique. 

Dragos will cast various buffs on your troops and be pivotal to gamers' battle performance. The Dragos will stand by you and fight for your kingdom to the end. Furthermore, the Drago will greatly expand your strategic and tactical arsenal and its unique appearances coupled with its non-fungibility will attract the envy of many.

As ERC-721 NFT assets, the Dragos will be permanently and immutably minted on the blockchain for you to own and trade. Owning a Drago means more than just adopting a collectible pet in the game. It involves the meaning of access to special contests, PvP battle zone, Yield farms, membership clubs, and many other things imaginable.

  • Especially, gamers are required to own Drago and deploy it to be able to earn Dragon Soul Token (DST) tokens.
  • Drago is an important part of the gameplay, as they come with a different set of elements, buffs, and stats.


League of Kingdoms as a free-to-play game offers users ample opportunities to monetize their game time. One of the keys is the mintable resources. There are 4 types of staple resources in-game: Food, Stone, Lumber, and Gold. 

When you accumulate a sufficient amount of these resources, you can mint them into ERC-721 NFTs to trade and monetize in the marketplaces.

  • You can mint on both Ethereum and Polygon Matic.
  • These resources can be traded on NFT marketplaces like Opensea.io / PlayDapp.

Getting Started

First Steps

  • Create a Metamask wallet
  • Transfer Ethereum from crypto exchange to MetaMask
  • Convert your Ethereum to LAND in MetaMask for League of Kingdoms
  • Create a League of Kingdoms account

How to Create a League of Kingdoms Account

After you have LAND in your MetaMask wallet, you can sign up and play League of Kingdoms. To do this:

  1. Visit the League of Kingdoms official website 
  2. Click on “Log in” and select MetaMask. Sign in to your MetaMask wallet. 
  3. This will generate a registration form to create a League of Kingdoms account. 
  4. Complete the form and click on the “Create Account” button. 
  5. Congratulations! You now have a League of Kingdoms account.

How to Start Playing League of Kingdoms

To start playing the League of Kingdoms, you need to first buy Land. You can buy Land using your Metamask balance that you swapped out above. If you have ever played a top-down strategy game, then you will be familiar with the main interface of the League of Kingdoms.

Once you purchase Land, you can then begin to grow or develop your kingdom through resource management, while striving to defeat your close rivals in battles.

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League of Kingdoms

The first MMO Strategy game on the blockchain contains full features of strategy and management games, with many gameplay possibilities.

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