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Some games need no introductions. While this is not necessarily true with Kryptomon, at least at this moment, it is with two of the three games that inspired its creation: Pokemon and Tamagotchi. 

Maybe younger readers won’t be aware of what a Tamagotchi is though, so let’s compare it with CryptoKitties, the third game that inspired Kryptomon. Both play around with the idea that your digital pet needs to be cared about, fed, cleaned, and given love.

Leaving aside Pokemon’s huge success in other areas, and talking about the original gaming aspect, it is addictive due to its battling and training mechanic that is at the same time simple and complex, with a huge learning curve. 

Fusing together Pokemon’s battle system and captivating world, with CryptoKitties uniqueness on each cat owned, and finally, Tamagotchi care mechanics, Kryptomon not only pays homage to the giants that came before, but stands on its own. 

The Kryptomons’ Genetic

Every Kryptomon is unique as it is made up of 38 different parameters that are randomly determined at the moment of its birth. This genetic code plays a large part in determining everything from its visual appearance to its prowess in combat, but it's important to understand that things aren't all set in stone from the moment a Kryptomon is born.

Understanding the three types of Parameters and Visual Characteristics is just the tip of the iceberg of Kryptomon Genetics. It’s very interesting to learn more about it if you want to play the game because it will give you the capability to better choose your first Kryptomon, focused on your needs.

We will not dive too deep into it so readers can get the general idea of the game without feeling overwhelmed, but here is the most useful link if you want to give it a go: White Paper most of Kyrptomon’s White Paper is actually dedicated to the game genetics, which is awesome.

Fixed Parameters:

Many of the 38 different parameters are decided at birth and can never be changed throughout the lifetime of a Kryptomon. Think of these parameters as the inherent potential of a Kryptomon. An example of this is the “Attack” parameter.

If we were to compare two Level 50 Kryptomons, the Kryptomon with an Attack of 80 at Level 1 will always have an Attack value that is higher than another Kryptomon that had an Attack of 50 at Level 1.

Trainable Parameters:

These represent parameters that can be improved with training. The maximum value of a trainable parameter is pre-determined at birth and is related to the value you see when viewing the genetic code of a Kryptomon, while its “actual” value will start much lower than the theoretical maximum and be viewable on the Kryptomon dashboard.

For example:

● Kryptomon A has a Resistance of 80 at Level 1.

● Kryptomon B has a Resistance of 50 at Level 1.

● Kryptomon A will always have a higher Resistance value than Kryptomon B IF they are both trained to the same level.

● However, because each trainable parameter has a level of its own that are independent of each other, it is fully possible for Kryptomon B to be trained to have a higher overall Resistance stat than Kryptomon A, if Kryptomon A has had less Resistance training.

There are 4 trainable parameters: “Talent” of Main Family, “Talent” of Secondary Family, “Resistance”, and “Constitution”.

Boosted Parameters:

Boosted Parameters are special “types” of parameters that change depending on the Love of your Kryptomon. Similar to Fixed Parameters, they grow based on a fixed formula that is dependent on the “inherent potential” of the Kryptomon, which is represented by the value of the genetic parameter it has at birth. However, a Kryptomon that’s been well taken care of and has a higher Love score will see

the value increased temporarily by a yet undefined % beyond its normal value. 

Visual Characteristics

With over 500 different game assets to permutate through, there are a nigh-infinite number of possible combinations of Kryptomon to discover and collect!

Elemental parameters will determine much of the body that a Kryptomon will have, with the Main Family determining the main color palette and the body parts it is made of, and the Second Family is responsible for the color palette of individual body parts and the color of the tattoos that the Kryptomon has (if any).

These body parts are associated with specific Genes, so they can be different in intensity depending on the level of said Gene. For example, the “Horn” body part is related to the “Attack” genetic parameter, so a Kryptomon with a high “Attack” value could get the “raddest” horn, another with a low “Attack” maybe will have no horn at all.

In order to ensure visual variability, a Kryptomon is coded to always have a Body, Head, Legs, Eyes, and Mouth, though it may or may not have Tails, Wings, or Spikes. However, one of the three Accessory type body parts, Horns, Ears, or Hairs will always be present.  

Caring for your Kryptomon

Your Kryptomon might be an elemental powerhouse capable of summoning the wind and calling down lighting to smite your foes, but underneath that mighty exterior is a big ol’ softie who just wants to be pampered and cared for.

As a trainer, it’s your job to make sure your Kryptomons are well taken care of. Not only because your Kryptomons are living beings that deserve all the cuddles you can give, but also because a loving Kryptomon is a Kryptomon with high Boosted Parameters, which means more lightning to smite more foes.


A numeric representation of how happy your Kryptomon is with you, every Kryptomon has a Love level that will fluctuate between 0 and 100 depending on the trainer's actions in the Feeding, Health, and Caring scales.

Each scale moves independently of the other and will all need to be kept in the upper ranges in order to increase a Kryptomons Love score. A Kryptomon could be very healthy and be given plenty of cuddles, but you can’t expect it to love you very much if it’s not been fed for over a week!

A high Love level will also increase the “Smartness” and “Speed” parameters temporarily. This can raise parameters above their supposed values, making Kryptomons more effective all-around. Also, it’s important to note that a minimum level of Love is necessary for Kryptomons to be willing to participate in battles and/or PvE adventures.


On the other hand of a high Love level there is Freeze. If 2 of the 3 scales ever fall to 0, your Kryptomon “freezes” representing the Kryptomon’s version of death. While frozen, the Kryptomon will not be available for use and no actions can be performed

with it.

While you can still revive or “unfreeze” your Kryptomon using a special “Unfreezing Potion”, available from the Kryptomon marketplace, an unavoidable consequence of being frozen is a temporary percentage decrease in its “Constitution” parameter which will last for several days before slowly recovering to its initial value. In addition, similar to how you’d expect a human’s muscles to atrophy after passing away, a Kryptomon will suffer a permanent drop in all 4 trainable parameters (though they can be retrained to get back to their original levels). 

A Game that is Being Cared For

Recently Kryptomon raised USD 10M for its project. That is a nice amount that will be invested in the future of the game, but it’s not the only indicator that the team behind it is focusing their energy on the project. Interesting, and rarely seen in P2E initiatives, side content is being constantly released in order to further develop the world-building of Kryptomon, such as the way several posts on their Medium are done, as if posted by characters of the universe, or even the Comic Series that is hosted on Line’s Webtoons website. 

This is the sort of work that shows a game is not only developed, but cared for, just like they propose players do with their own Kryptomons.

All content on this page is based on and/or taken from the game's original documentation/whitepaper. Play Portal shares Blockchain games so its readers can get knowledge about the top games available on the market.

Getting Started

In order to play Kryptomon you will need to first own a Kryptomon, and no, they are not free, but don’t worry, they don’t cost a ton either, at least not right now. 

First head to their website and connect your wallet:

After logged, if you don’t own a Kryptomon yet, you will see this screen:

Just click on the Get a Kryptomon! Button in order to head over to their marketplace. 

There are Kryptomons ranging from 0.12 BNB ($26,14 at the time of this writing) all the way to 10 BNB ($2178,7), depending on their Generation and other stats, so feel free to pick whatever suits your needs!

Kryptomon Market also has all sorts of filters, so you can pick your Kryptomon for its price, appearance, stats levels, generation, you name it!

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In this bold new game, Pokemon and Tamagotchi meet CryptoKitties and join the blockchain. Adventure yourself in this world, facing challenges to become the best trainer there is.

Fighting, RPG