Era7 Game of Truth

The Game of Truth plot revolves around seven races on the Continent of Truth who compete for the title of "King of Truth." Amongst the races are groups of specially gifted individuals who are sent to attend Summoner Academy to undergo rigorous training where they graduate to become Summoners. Upon graduation, they travel the world to make Summoning Pacts with the most powerful amongst the seven races, to establish strong allies in order to consolidate their power.

Since ancient times, throughout the year, battles amongst the Summoners have been held in the heart of the Continent. These Summoning Battles attract Summoners from all over the world who battle for the "King of Truth" title. The winner is crowned King of the Continent, and he and his race are awarded the highest honors in the land. 

Era7 is an NFT trading-card game inspired by Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. Standing on the shoulders of a Titan, there’s groundbreaking new gameplay to be had. Moreover, whilst this is a highly-competitive game, it is relatively stress-free and requires very little commitment, with games lasting just 3 minutes each.

Era7’s cards are divided into battle cards and master cards for summoning. Various cards from various races increase the richness and playability of the game tenfold. Seven forces, with as many as 1,000 cards, give Era7 unlimited reach, territory in which to expand and incredible value as a game.

With each battle lasting only three minutes, players are forced to think on their feet to form their own unique lineups through intensive strategic planning. No matter what the player's level is, they can have fun. Furthermore, E-sports is a promising faculty that the game will provide as a standard for those who like to take risks.

Era7 cards are also NFTs. They have a high collector’s value and appreciate with time, not to mention that they can be used to fight and summon new cards.

The official community is given all rights related to Era 7 cards in their possession, as the Era7 team is only responsible for auctioning the original genus of Era7 cards. Later genera are sold on by the players. Each card is unique and has different attributes and combat statistics.

Fighting gameplay

The Game of Truth is played on a battlefield made up of 9 * 9 squares on both sides. First of all, both sides will randomly draw cards from their pre-built 30-card library. The player will then be able to drag out cards to use in-game. Battle cards will then attack and defend with the passing of each round, while some cards will have characteristic effects that transcend rounds. The battlefield is divided into three fronts. If there are no cards on the opponent's first front, attributing damage will be caused to the cards on the player's second front, and so on. When the opponent's HP drops to 0, victory is attained. Conversely, if your HP drops to 0, you’ve lost the battle.

The core essentials of combat are: to establish battlefield advantages and powerful card groups; to play games with opponents through thought-out strategy making.

PVE Player & Environment

Throughout Era7 PVE mode. Players need at least 30 battle cards to fight and face a variety of rich challenges. When the player passes a level, GOT (similar to Axie's SLP, this can be used to summon battle cards from the master card) can be obtained. Players can also repeat the challenge daily to obtain corresponding rewards in the form of resources.

The PVE of Era7 includes at least 50 levels, 8 campaigns, more than 3,000 stages and a variety of challenges.

PVP Player&Player

When a player enters the PVP arena, he or she shall be matched with other players. The player will then have the chance to win Era7 tokens and/or GOT after winning the battle. Players with higher rankings can get more rewards from the game. In addition, Era tokens and GOT can be sold or exchanged via the marketplace, so that players can profit from them in real life.

- PVP has a variety of battles:

- Expert Alliance (daily)

- Ranked competitions(monthly)

- World Cups (fortnightly)

In PVP, if the player wins, he or she will receive GOT or Era tokens with PVP rankings. Similarly, a higher ranking will then allow players to get more GOT and Era tokens through PVP. We will settle the reward on a daily and on a monthly basis. Remember, GOT and Era tokens can be traded on the market so that players can profit from them in real life.


NFT Master Card’s Unsealing & Summoning System

To obtain NFT Master Cards, players need to buy mystery boxes directly or trade with other players in the Marketplace. NFT Master Cards do not participate in the battles themselves, they Summon NFT Battle Cards which actually make up the deck to fight on the front lines. After successfully purchasing NFT Master Cards, players will need to Unseal them first before they can Summon NFT Battle Cards. If the NFT Master Cards have reached the maximum amount of Summoning, the players will need to consume ERA and GOT tokens as fuel so that they can continue Summoning.

Unsealing: Every NFT Master Card can only be unsealed once. NFT Master Cards need to be unsealed before they can Summon NFT Battle Cards. Once the player Unseals the NFT Master Card, the system will give it a one-off, 10 extra opportunities to Summon extra NFT Battle Cards.

Summoning System: NFT battle cards are randomly generated when players manually perform Summoning with NFT Master Card. Each NFT Master Card has two racial attributes, primary and secondary. The NFT Master Card's racial attributes determine what racial NFT Battle Cards it can summon.

Each rarity level of the NFT Master Card (Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary) has its own specific amount of summoning, of cooldown, and also has a corresponding probability to generate different rarity levels of NFT Battle Cards (for the actual probability please see the chart below).

If the NFT Master Card has reached the maximum amount of Summoning, the players will need to consume ERA and GOT tokens as fuel so that they can continue Summoning.

For instance, one legendary rarity level of NFT Master Card was capable of Summoning NFT Battle Card 150 times. Because 10 additional times will be automatically added after the NFT Master Card is Unsealed, the total Summoning amount would be 160.


NFT Battle Card & Synthesizing System

To get NFT Battle Cards, players can either purchase them in the Marketplace or use NFT Master Cards to summon them. It is recommended that players take the opportunity to purchase the mystery boxes during the official sales since it’s more possible to get the NFT Master Card at a lower price; then players can summon NFT Battle Cards and start building your own deck earlier to maximize your benefits. NFT Battle Cards can be used for trading with other players, daily automatic mining, and participating PVP and PVE battles.

In the game mode PVP and PVE, Players need to have acquired at least 30 NFT Battle Cards before they can start fighting for victory. Similar to the NFT Master Cards, there are also four different rarity degrees of NFT Battle Cards: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

By using the Synthesizing System, players can consume ERA and GOT tokens to combine the exact same two NFT Battle Cards (the same rarity degree, same character, and same Lv.), to create a level-up NFT, Battle Card. In the version that will be launched this time, we open the 4th level of Synthesis up to the highest level.

Lv.1 + Lv.1 = Lv.2(total of 2 cards needed)

Lv.2 + Lv.2 = Lv.3(total of 4 cards needed)

Lv.3 + Lv.3 = Lv.4(total of 8 cards needed)

Synthesized NFT Battle Cards will randomly gain higher attack power, defence power, and/or other values, including increasing the mining power (Hashate).

Higher levels of NFT Battle Cards not only perform better in fighting and mining, but also have higher market value, which means they can be traded at a high price in the Marketplace, and overall increase profits to players.


In the future, across the vast expanse that is the Era7 metaverse, players will encounter an endless amount of land upon which they will be able to build and operate their own homes. Players can use various resources and processing materials found in the game to upgrade their own lands. In addition, the owner of a plot of land can find his or her location on the world map. Using the Era7 cards in his or her home to explore the world map can also be a good way of obtaining Era tokens.

Players also have a certain probability of obtaining Era tokens through the land itself.

This is a unique feature of The Game of Truth, and sets the game apart from similar platforms within GameFi; players have land development rights while landowners will receive abundant resources and subsidies. This is the working direction that the project party shall focus on in the future.


The campaign is the second PvE mode in Era7. You can unlock it when you reach Lv. 3 in Quick Match. There are 216 battles in a total of 72 stages, which also means that there are three battles and three rewards in each stage. The rewards in the Campaign include non-NFT Battle Cards, GOT, medals, etc.

Token economy

The total amount of Era tokens to be issued is 1 billion. This is a token built by the Era7 Metaverse on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and currently serves exclusively as Era7’s platform token. Players can obtain Era token rewards through battling, getting involved in community incentives, and liquidity mining. With the development of the Era7 metaverse, the functions of Era tokens will extend to community governance, pledging and other rights and interests. The platform currency, the Era token, is effectively the Bitcoin of the entire Era7 metaverse. Era tokens are similar to stable tokens, and supply and demand are dictated by the market. The Era token obtained by the player can be exchanged for USDT or local fiat.

Main uses of the Era token:

  • To gain local currency via an exchange;
  • To purchase GOT\master cards\battle cards\NFT items\NFT mystery boxes on the marketplace;
  • To enable transactions between players (Era tokens may be used to trade Era7 cards, GOT or other in-game items);
  • To purchase land and get more Era token rewards
  • To issue a pledge for obtaining community rights, participating in governance, voting and subsequent decision-making;
  • As a wager and/or as a registration fee for PVP.

How to get Era tokens: 

  • Purchase them on DEX\CEX platforms;
  • Attain them via in-game rewards or air drops;
  • Acquire them via liquidity mining.
  • From PVP rewards.

How to get GOT:

  • From in game activities rewards
  • From PVE rewards.

All content on this page is based on and/or taken from the game original documentation/whitepaper. Play Portal shares Blockchain games so its readers can get knowledge about the top games available on the market.

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Era7 Game of Truth

Era7: Game of Truth is a virtual world, built on Web3.0, that runs parallel to the real one. Functioning as a vast and traversable online world with monetary assets, social methods and complete spatial perception and physical rules, it’s not only independent of the real world, but complementary to it.

PC, iOS, Android
Strategy, Card Game
TruthGame Studio