Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play MMO and, as the name implies, this world is a vibrant and colorful party-themed place. There is a focus on custom art and design, with possibilities for world-building and exploration and the ownership of resources thanks to blockchain technology.

All the interaction with the game happens by controlling Blankos, but after all, what is a Blanko?

Blankos are collectible digital vinyl toys... that were brought to life! They inhabit The Junction, a world of their own, filled with ways to enjoy what they love the most - good times, music, and fun!

Blankos differentiate not only by their skins but also using accessories, special abilities and powers.

Blankos Customization

There is also a possibility to further customize Blankos using a process called MashUP!

A MashUP is a process that uses the characteristics of one Blanko (Sample) and shares those characteristics with another Blanko (Splice), to create a new, custom, Blanko.

This process is irreversible, changing the Splice Blanko forever, but before the changes are made, the player can preview the result of the Mashup and has 24hs to decide to go through the process.

While in the process of creating a unique Blanko, another tool that can be used is called a Mix. This is to use one of several gumballs to change the color of your Blanko. 

Gumballs are consumable items that generate certain effects on the personalization of Blankos, such as: changing the primary color, blend or mix two different colors, invert the colors of certain parts, changing the overall palette of a Blanko.

The possibilities to customize your Blankos are huge. But you may be asking: Who creates the Blankos?

Artists and Collaborations

Aside from in-house artists from Mythic - Blankos’ developer - several names joined in order to create unique Blankos to be a part of this Party. They are all famous names in their respective fields, from urban to digital artists, and even musicians such as deadmau5.

But are Blankos simply digital toys?

Well, yes and no. They are toys, for sure, but they are also pieces of art - or like collaborative artist Michael Lau says “All Art Are Toys, All Toys Are Art”, collectibles that you can sell on the Mythical Marketplace, because they are unique. Blankos are also NFTs and as you are all aware of it now, they are scarce, meaning that are only so many Blankos of a specific type available out there and people will do what they can to grab the ones they want.

But not only that, they are also in-game characters. Each Blanko is your way to interact with the gaming aspect and community of the Block Party! And you can be sure it’s a thriving and exciting community.

Playing with your friends, or alone, happens at what is called a “Party”. At the time of this writing, there are racing, shooting, and collecting parties, but these are only the genre, each map being completely unique and created by users from the Blankos community. 

Overall Blankos Block Party is an amazing game, that has already won over $120 million in investments, that you can play for free and “risk” winning some nice bucks with the sale of collectibles, give it a try!

Getting Started

Starting to play Blankos is really easy, you will need:

  1. A free Blankos account
  2. Download the Launcher
  3. Connect Uphold account in order to withdraw to a bank or crypto account

A free Blankos account

Go to their website at and click on “sign up”, then just put your information in the fields:

Confirm your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email and done!

Download the Launcher

You just need to click on the “download launcher” button right at the middle of the main page on;

After that execute the program and proceed with the installation:

You’re good to go!

Connect Uphold account in order to withdraw to a bank or crypto account

Blankos Block Party is free to play! But if you wish to use its functionalities to transfer funds, cryptocurrency, etc., it would be best to connect your account with Uphold. That’s also very easy, just go to the Marketplace and click on Wallet, then “Connect with Uphold”:

If you do not have an Uphold account you will be able to create one on this page, by clicking on “Sign up now”.

After the confirmation, you will be ready to use Blankos Block Party to its fullest!

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Blankos Block Party

A free play-to-earn, party-themed, multiplayer game, filled with collectibles, casual games, and Market Place possibilities.

Party, Casual
Mythical Games Inc.