Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a decentralized metaverse (i.e. extensible platform) running on the Ethereum, WAX, and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. The metaverse currency - Trilium (token symbol TLM) - incentivizes explorers to play games and must be staked by users to participate in governance. Planets within the metaverse are decentralized autonomous organizations that receive daily Trilium from the central metaverse smart contracts. Explorers engage through mining, acquiring and renting land, voting for planetary governance to impact Trilium and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) payouts and other strategic actions which are likely to proliferate over time as Planets offer their own games and NFTs.

Explorers use rare and unique NFTs in their quest to earn more of the native token of the game,Trilium, and grow their influence.

More Planets can be created; this is intended to be done in a manner so as not to penalize existing Planets. Planets are the means by which blockchain communities can onboard onto Alien Worlds, get their own token and DAO, offer games and services into the ecosystem, and create and use NFTs.


Planets are the main locus of activity within Alien Worlds - they are where mining and gameplay occur, and where governance happens. Each Planet sets its own resource strategy and games, and players vote for their own Planetary government with the power of their staked Trilium.

At inception, there are 6 Planets

● A Planet is represented by a WAX account and its corresponding smart contract

● The Federation will also provide the Planets with smart contracts to run their mining and mission game

● Planets receive a daily flow of Trilium from the Federation which the Planets’ Custodians choose how to allocate down to users

● Planets within Alien Worlds are Decentralized Autonomous Communities (DAOs)

● Each Planet is a DAO with a dedicated member client portal for Planet token holders to vote for their Governors and allocate Trilium and NFT flows

Core NFTs

Core NFTs are the NFTs created by the Federation (Alien Worlds’ creators) at inception.

The Core NFTs within Alien Worlds are:

○ Land

○ Avatars

○ Artifacts

○ Tools

○ Weapons

○ Minions

○ Missions

The elements of the NFT that are recorded on-chain are

○ Its name

○ Its attributes (including its visual representations and powers)

○ Who owns it

○ Its history of ownership.

NFTs in Alien Worlds are depicted as trading cards; these elements are described in the UI codebase


● Land is an NFT associated with (located on) a Planet

● Land ownership is represented by ownership of the NFT

● A land NFT defines modifiers that affect gameplay aspects such as

○Time between mining calls

○Amount of Trilium that the land generates per mine

● Planets have a finite amount of land on them at inception

● Landowners can set a commission (which is the % of Trilium mining rewards the landowner receives)

● Unsold land is owned by the Federation until bought

○Mining on unsold land (ie still owned by the Federation) has a default commission of 20%

○This 20% commission is collected into The Land Fund which pays out to a user upon the user opening a new Land pack

○This is to incentivize opening land packs rather than hoarding them since land is required for gameplay


● Avatars are NFTs

● Avatars do not confer powers within the core game elements and are collectibles with for aesthetic value


● Tools are NFTs that explorers use to mine for Trilium on land

● Explorers may use up to 3 tools at a time

● Tool attributes include

○ Time delay between mines

○ Weighted chance of receiving an NFT

○ Proof of Work modifier

○ Representation of how much of the available Trilium mining pot the tool can collect

● Tool NFTs produce different mining modifications when used on different parcels of land

● Rarer and shinier Tools can have increased powers


● Weapons are NFTs that will be used in the core fighting game

○ Also ideally suited to be used by any other battling game created by communities in the Alien Worlds metaverse

● They have an attack rating and a defensive rating

● Rarer and shinier weapons can have increased powers


● Minions are NFTs that explorers select to fight with in the future fighting game and potentially any other battling game in the Alien Worlds metaverse

● Their attributes are

○ An attack rating

○ A defensive rating

○ A move modifier that influences when the Minion can enter a contest or the amount of power needed to move or use the Minion

● Rarer and shinier Minions can have increased powers


● Artifacts are a diverse category of NFT that impact gameplay in a variety of ways

○ Affect explorer experience and can impact NFT stats

● Artifacts as an NFT type do not exist yet and are scheduled for release subsequently

● New artifacts may be introduced into the Alien Worlds ecosystem to change the metadynamics and improve the explorer experience

Properties of NFTs


Every item with the Alien Worlds Metaverse has a rarity level. These levels are (in order of least scarce to most scarce)

● Abundant

● Common

● Rare

● Epic

● Legendary

● Mythical


Each NFT has a quality attribute that reflects its shininess. The shininess levels are (in order of least shiny to most shiny)





More shiny cards often have more power than less shiny versions.

Explorers (users)

●Explorers require a WAX account (which gives them enough to CPU to initiate gameplay)

●Explorers have the choice to stake to a Planet (or more than one) or none at all

●They are onboarded through the WAX Cloud Wallet

●Explorers can set their own name (up to 18 characters)

●New Explorers are given a starter ‘pack’ containing the following

○Basic avatar

○A shovel

●To begin acquiring Trilium through gameplay only, explorers mine Trilium

●New users sign up for an account at

○They can also choose to be part of a DAO (ie stake their Trilium to a Planetaccount)

Getting Started

- Go to

- A popup will appear for creating a WAX wallet (the Alien Worlds network). Create a WAX wallet. Activate your wallet using your email

- Log into your WAX wallet- Write down your WAX account name and click “Approve”

- Then, on the Alien Worlds page, you can choose your name and avatar

- Read and check the Terms and Conditions checkbox. Let them know if you are over 18 years old. Please note that this is a real cryptocurrency and you must be over 18 to play

- Click on “I'm ready”

- A WAX Cloud Wallet popup will appear to approve the “Terms Agreed” smart contract. Check the captcha and click “Approve”

- You will receive a planet to start mining. Click on “Let's get started”

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Alien Worlds

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