21 Saloon

Get ready to go all-in at the "21 Saloon," the hottest spot in town where fortunes are won and lost on every turn of the cards. Channel your inner card sharp as you strategize against the cards and your opponents to discover who's the best on Black Jack.

With captivating western aesthetics and a four hand structure, challenge others on 1v1 or tournament games. Can you outplay your opponents, accumulate wealth, and become the ultimate card slinger of the Wild West?

Getting Started

  • You can play 4 hands at a time.
  • Click/tap the pile to reveal a new card
  • Click/tap one of the 4 columns to place the card.

  • You must achieve a sum of 21 on each column before it is cleared and the points are added to your score. If a game exceeds 21, it will be bust and no points will count.

  • J, Q and K cards are worth 10 points each
  • The Ace card be worth 11 points, unless this would cause the player to bust, in which case it is worth 1
  • Gathering 5 cards in the same column with a count of 21 or less will also score points!

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21 Saloon

Show off your card skills and walk away with the prize as you aim to reach 21

Game Changer