Team Illuvium announced the first Illuvium Land Sale begins on the 2nd of June at 09:00 UTC.

Secure one of 20,000 plots across seven unique regions and build your empire. Fuel is a critical part of the Illuvium economy and can only be extracted from Land.

Approximately 5% of all in-game revenues go to landholders.

The Illuvium team is confident that a Dutch Auction with a long duration is the best way to avoid a Gas War. To further reduce excess GAS spending, they implemented a system that reduces the ability for two parties to bid on the same plot, minimizing the number of failed transactions.

Next week, they will release an article with all you need to know about the Land Sale.

In the meantime, check out and review IIP-20, which has the sale parameters. Including starting prices, auction types, sale duration, and other details.

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