The Party Never Stops

About one year ago, on E3 2021, beloved multiplayer Blankos Block Party announced a partnership with Burberry, the goliath of fashion, and released, around two months later, the Sharky B, with only 750 mints of it - meaning there’s only 750 of this Blanko in the entire world. The initial sale price was $299.99 but at this time the cheapest one is costing $450.00, most of them are costing a couple of thousand though.

Burberry took an approach to gaming in the last few years, with B Bounce, the company's first game, being released in 2019, a sequel em 2020 and another one in the same year. According to Rod Manley, the chief marketing officer at Burberry, gaming is a “unique space” where the brand could “test and learn and trial digital innovations that embody our values and celebrate creativity amongst our communities.” And if you are talking about celebrating creativity, Burberry couldn’t have picked a better game than Blankos, since that’s exactly what they are doing so far.

This was the most prominent company that Mythical - Blankos developer - had partnered with by then and it’s likely still the biggest one. And now, one year later, a new announcement was made:

There’s not a lot that can be said about it so far, but if one works with the same timings, it’s likely that by the end of August a new, ultra-limited and highly fashionable, Blanko will be running wild in the Junction.