Registration for the Axie Classic (v2) World Championship is now open! The time is short, there's less than a week for you to join, the first tournament begins in two days, on July 28th. There's a 500,000 USD in AXS prizing, where half will be given on the open qualifiers and the other half on the LAN event at AxieCon, in September.

If you are one of the 16 champions on the open qualifiers, you will attend AxieCon in Barcelona in person to beat your opponents!

And hey, if you have at least 3 Axies you're eligible to compete, so don't worry about it too much and join the battlefield now!

About the Qualifiers

The qualifiers are divided into two regions, East and West, that run on inverted timezones from July 28 to August 21 with a 12-hour difference between them, meaning everyone worldwide have a chance to compete. There will be 3 Online Phases with a total prize pool of $250,000 as well as the LAN event in Barcelona for another $250,000 and you can check all the details of the Prize Pool by clicking here.

Despite two different regions, any players can compete in any tournament, if you wish you can play in 1 Open Qualifier or in all 16, it's all up to you and how much sleep you want to get. The West tournaments start always at 5 pm ET and the East tournaments at 5 pm Philippines Time.

Full List of Qualifiers

East Qualifier Tournaments (5 PM Philippines Time Start Time)

Thursday, July 28th: East Qualifier #1

Friday, July 29th: East Qualifier #2

Saturday, July 30th: East Qualifier #3

Sunday, July 31st: East Qualifier #4

Thursday, August 4th: East Qualifier #5

Friday, August 5th: East Qualifier #6

Saturday, August 6th: East Qualifier #7

Sunday, August 7th: East Qualifier #8

West Qualifier Tournaments (5 PM EST Start Time)

Thursday, July 28th: West Qualifier #1

Friday, July 29th: West Qualifier #2

Saturday, July 30th: West Qualifier #3

Sunday, July 31st: West Qualifier #4

Thursday, August 4th: West Qualifier #5

Friday, August 5th: West Qualifier #6

Saturday, August 6th: West Qualifier #7

Sunday, August 7th: West Qualifier #8

If you want to know even more and ask questions, remember to join the Tournament Discord!