Infinite Possibilities

This week something significant happened in the Axie Infinity community. Maybe it wasn’t all over the news because it has no significant, immediate impact on the game's financial aspect. Still, it is something that lots of players were expecting and that can signify a future for community engagement.

Maybe you don’t know, but Axie Infinity developer, Sky Mavis, has a project called the Builders Program, an initiative that intends to give back to the community, on the one hand, it is a way for the Axie Infinity universe to keep reinventing itself and expanding thanks to users, on the other, selected projects receive some benefits, including a minimum $10k grant in AXS to be used to invest in the project development.

Ever since this initiative began, thousands of projects have been submitted, but until earlier this week no projects were selected yet. Only a handful was announced as the “winners”, but Sky Mavis already wrote that “We will be accepting many more teams over time (and maybe even quite soon) and everyone should continue to build, in fact, the more progress teams are able to make the more likely they will be accepted into the program.“ So, there’s hope for creators that are still waiting for their moment of luck.

Note that in order to play any of these games, a player must have Axies of their own. It does not work as it does in Axie Infinity Origin, where you receive Starter Axies for free so you can experience the game.

The First Lunacian Projects

  1. Inter the Dungeon: A dungeon crawler that retains the card aspect but with equipment and the element of randomness. Link:
  2. Defenders of Lunacian Land (DOLL): An intense survival action game with roguelike elements, face waves of enemies with your Axie, and defeat them all. Link:
  3. Axie To The Moon: With a top-down view like the old ship-shooter games, Axie To The Moon uses the concept of “Infinity” so that players can experience a survival game around the universe.
  4. Hungry Axie: An interesting combination of a battle royale and rock-paper-scissors, where hungry Axies eat each other based on their types. As they eat others they get bigger, winning more points and SLP, the winners are the last three Axies standing on the battlefield. Link:
  5. Axieology: A game where you and your Axies spend time bonding together, farming, eating, and then, when ready, battle against the invading Chimeras with tower defense mechanics.
  6. Lunacia Cup: Inspired by the game world, Lunacia Cup allows Axies to race and run the hills and mountains of Lunacia to see who’s the fastest. Discord Link:
  7. Run Axie Run!: This runner game is simple yet challenging, with mechanics to collect resources, battle while running, and even the ability to challenge your friends to an Axie run-off.
  8. AxiePop: A Match Three game using Axies to beat the enemies that appear on the screen. This game is Free-to-Play, but in order to get rewards, players must have an Axie. Twitter:
  9. Axie Infinity War: A Platform Battle Royale Game, where 10 players face each other to see who’s the last standing. It’s an interesting way to use your Axies and reap rewards. Discord Link:
  10. Axie Brawl: A Team Arena Brawler, where players need to cooperate with their team in order to defeat their opponents. The game promises that each match will be unique and challenging, making players elaborate strategies on the spot in order to win.
  11. Mech Infinity: Another Battle Royale, but this time with Mechas (robots). Axies face each other in an arena where they ride using their mechas that are based on the different types of Axies.
  12. Across Lunacia: This pixel art platform adventure game, allows you to travel Lunacia with your Axie and embark on unique adventures with a retro atmosphere. Discord Link:

Builders Program and the future

All games on the list are currently in the development stage, with Beta or Alfa versions that players can test. Most of them also have opportunities for aspiring Artists, Programmers, Web developers, QA, etc. They are the First Twelve of Lunacia, but they aren’t supposed to be the last as well.

With initiatives such as the Builders Program, Sky Mavis tries to recreate its universe, turning Axie Infinity into a full game universe, one that has earning elements, but that does not hold this as its only and most important goal.

If you want to learn more about the selected games, the Builders Program, and the opportunities generated by it, check the links below:

The First Projects Accepted!

Axie Infinity Builders Program!